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September 24, 2020

Pickup Has Ended

We are now done doing local pickups to substitute for our market absence. We will keep everyone informed on what next market season holds for us. Until then, you can still visit your local stores listed on our Retail Stores page to pick them up over the winter.

Thank you all for your continued support and interest without us being at the markets!

May 30, 2020

Pickup Now Available

As some of you may know from our Facebook site, we will not be able to attend the Farmer's Markets currently. At this time we are offering a Sunday Pickup for those that requested it. You can order your products by clicking on the Product List tab of the website and add your items to the cart. When you checkout, change the shipping to Sunday Pickup. It will list where the pickup is going to be and the date/time. Orders must be in by Thursdays at noon.


Pick up will be at Koch Tennis Center, at Tranquility Park.  The tennis parking lot is located off 124th and Maple.  When arriving at Tranquility, follow signs to the tennis courts.  We will be set up in the southeast corner of the parking lot.

We hope everybody is well and in good health and appreciate everyone's continued support and interest without us being at the markets!

April 25, 2020

Website Update

Hope everyone is staying healthy! We are excited to announce some changes on our website. We have added a Feedback Page and updated our Store List.


We really appreciate all the feedback we've been getting via email so we decided to add a section to the website as well to better receive the information. As for the Store Lists, please continue to request the products at your local stores if they currently do not carry them. They can reach out to us if needed to get the ball rolling. Shout out to the Country Market in Roswell, NM for carrying our products. Maybe that was a product request from some out-of-towners?!

Lastly, Farmer's Market season is approaching. We are currently working with the local markets to decide how best to participate safely this season. With some restrictions imposed because of Covid 19, we need to rethink how we sell to our customers. This may include weekly pick up sites with online orders/pre-sales or delivery. We are still taking orders online and are very appreciative for those that have continued to order recently.

Stay safe and healthy everyone!

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